Friday, June 29, 2012

I think this blog thing is working

It forced me to do my workout last night.

Seriously, it did. I didn't get home till late and as I shuffled through the door at seven pm, all I wanted was to make some food, clean up around the house, and then collapse into a happy cocoon of mindless televised bliss for a while. Then I remembered this blog and I knew I couldn't do that. I had made a promise, not just to me but to whoever might be reading this. I was going to stick with my workout, I couldn't just miss a day, epecially this early in the game.

Damn skippy.

So as much as I wanted to sit on my couch, I knew I had to get up and do my work out. RAR. I are tough.

Anyway, last night's fun consisted of 1 pull up, 5 push-ups with a 20 lb weight vest, 5 squats with the weight vest and a 15 lb weight in each hand, 5 bicep curls with the 15 lb weight, and 5 shoulder presses with the 15 lb weight. Wash, rinse, repeat 5 times with a 3 minute breather between each set. Not too horrible, honestly, and it went by quickly enough. The breaks in between sets are nice because it gives me an excuse to get all ADD on Tumblr for a few minutes. Nothing distracts from muscle fatigue like random animated gifs and appropriately snarky posters.

Feeling any muscle fatigue right now? No? See, it works.

After my workout, I crawled to the shower and my wonderful, amazing, incredible husband gave me a can of coconut water. I have no shame. I curled right up in the tub and nursed that coconut water like it was the secret to life. If you've never had any, trust me when I say that it's a great thing to follow up a workout with when smoothies aren't readily available. It's packed with potassium and is very good at rehydrating you.

I admittedly didn't post this entry last night, sorry about that, but I spent the rest of the evening cooking dinner and then curling up on the couch with my loving husband who had folded the laundry for me. This morning, I'm not too horribly sore, so that's good. It'll make working out tonight much easier. ;)

That's all for now!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A little breather

Day 3:

Today is my down day. I get a rest between all the working out so my muscles have a chance to build up after the horrible things I've just done to them. Working out isn't the only part of this plan though, eating right is also important. Now, I've admitted I like junk food and before I met my husband, my idea of eating healthy was having hotdogs instead of perogies slathered in brown sugar and butter. Don't judge till you've tried it. It's GOOOOOOD.  I've gotten much better about fresh foods since those days but I still prefer eating out to eating in. 

That doesn't work too well with this program though and if you're anything like me, the words "health food" conjure up images of cardboard topped with a single slice of lettuce. Fortunately, there ARE actually lots of healthy recipes out there that don't take long to make and are chock full of flavor. I refuse utterly to eat anything that doesn't have a lot of flavor so trust me on that last part.

Yesterday I promised a simple recipe for my After Workout Cherry Smoothie. This is really simple so here goes:


  • 2/3 cup frozen cherries (I just get generic Publix brand)
  • 2/3 cup yougurt
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup Bolt House Farm Vanilla Chai Protein Drink (You can get this in any grocery store in the fruit section)

Put all four ingredients into a blender. Blend till smooth. Gulp down. That's it! 

Easy, huh? The result is pretty darn tasty too and yes, it's healthy. The yogurt and milk are good for bones, the cherries give you sweetness without added sugars, and the Chai tosses in some extra protein for growing muscles. This is surprisingly satisfying after a workout and it takes away the hunger really well. That buys me enough time to whip up a quick dinner. 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear God, What Have I Done?

Day 2:

It's day two of my training tonight. I posted my intro earlier today so you'll have to forgive there being two posts in a row but from here out, I will only be doing one a day.

I've just finished up tonight's workout. Allow me to introduce you to a special exercise called "Tabatas". Never heard of it? Neither have I. Let me share with you what I've learned.

The day it started

Day 1:

I'm honestly not sure who this blog is for more. You or me.

Maybe you found this blog by following a link from another site. Maybe you know me and in a moment of not feeling self-concious, I gave you the link to this. Maybe we've never met but you're here out of curiosity.

Truth is, I'm only partly writing this for you. The rest of it I'm writing for me. I'm hoping it'll keep me honest to myself.

You see, this blog is going to be a running diary of sorts as I strive toward my ultimate goal:

What is this Tough Mudder thing and why do I care? Well, it's one of the toughest obstacle courses in the country and I care because apparently I've taken a completely leave from sanity. I want to complete it. I don't know why really, maybe it's to prove something to myself, but this blog will be a brutally honest diary as I get ready for this. The event won't happen till next year so there's time enough to get prepared. I have all the things I think I'll need:

  • Complete lack of sanity
  • A Marine Corps husband willing to put me through intense training
  • An almost manic will to complete this
  • A blog to detail through the entire process of what I'm about to do to myself.

The point behind this blog is to be brutally honest about what I'm doing here. I shall catalog my successes as well as my failures (also know as "when the brownie cravings win"). I can't say I'm looking to lose weight, I've never been terribly large to start with, but I'm not exactly brimming with muscles here either. This is about a realistic tale of one insane woman's attempt to get into shape.

And then apparently torture herself for 12 miles.

Anyway, the hubby has already written up part one of this nightmare adventure in the form of a workout program capable of inducing child-like weeping. 

I started it yesterday.

Today I am convinced my butt muscles have been secretly replaced with two cement blocks. I'm shuffling around my work, trying my damnedest to not LOOK like I want to curl up in a corner (like I totally do).

Also, I have a secret you all should know. I have a weakness for junk food. I love it. I crave salty fatty things and sugary treats and, if given the opportunity, will eat them till my face rots off. To complete this training though, my dietician (also known as my husband) has stated that I'll have to really reign this need in.

He means well.

I asked him to do this.

He knows a lot about fitness.

Right now I would gladly mug a three year old for their lollipop and I'm only 24 hours into this.


I think the change in food will be the hardest part for me. I had a healthy breakfast but snacks today consisted of just black cherries when all I want right now is a quesadilla. I am strong though. I will not go down to the company cafeteria and buy one of their heavenly brownies with the chocolate chips in them.

I won't.

And if I keep repeating that, maybe I can convince my stomach.